Why choose Dwelling Moments Photography and what can you expect??

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So, I've been thinking a lot about this and decided that it would be fun to share with you my "vision" for the sessions and give you some insight on photography sessions with me.

Just to clarify I am open to MANY different types of photography.  When you have a need for a photographer please let me know and I will be very HONEST with you and let you know if that is in my "scope of photography" or not.  I have said yes to many clients as well as no to a handful because I truly did not feel that I could deliver what they wanted and did NOT want to disappoint.  Trust me it was not easy to say no, but in my heart I knew that was the right decision and I directed those clients to people that I felt would be better suited to photograph for them.

First and foremost you can always expect to LAUGH and have TONS of FUN....my ULTIMATE MUST HAVE goal is to create and capture the essence of you and your family!  The funny, cute, and total candid moments.  Yes, we can get the "posed" photos as well, but we must mix in some personality-trust me you'll love those as much if not more then the "formal pose!" :)

You can expect me to move A LOT and have many ideas on the fly.  I don't plan out the sessions ahead of time because every family or person has a different personality so we'll try a TON of different things to see what fits you the best and roll from there.  

***NOTE.....WIth that said there is ONE REAAAAAALLLLLY helpful thing you can provide for me ahead of time and that is your "list" of must have photos and preferably the sizes you want so I can make sure to shoot those photos to fit the size prints you want.  No worries if you don't have anything in mind, but for those of you that have specific photos, please do me the favor and give me that info up front.

You can absolutely expect me to be very happy and fun to work with.  Along with that you can guarantee I am going to shoot until I feel we have successfully accomplished the goal of the session.  I typically shoot for 45 min-1 hour, some are longer and some are shorter.  The bottom line on that is I will be checking the work along the way and will make sure that we have covered everything we need to put together a beautiful photo gallery of images.  

***NOTE.....Don't worry about the timing and please make sure that when you book with me you are NOT in a rush to go or do something else...I don't work well when I am under the gun like that.

I am EFFICIENT and will not keep you standing around.  For little one's that is CRITICAL and honestly most people don't LOVE to have their pictures taken so I will do my very best to keep the uninterested people on track so you're not spending your time annoyed that they're not "cooperating."  Leave that to me, it seems to work better that way!  I will build a rapport with you and who I am photographing quickly and that creates the bond for both parties to work well together and achieve stunning images.

Don't worry if you're all stressed out about the session..some people are and others are not...it doesn't matter to me because as soon as you're under my care the tune will change and you will see how RELAXED and CAREFREE the process will be.

***NOTE....Everyone says "what should we wear"...OH boy does that cause mayhem in households...so, here is the simple answer~

1.  Solid's ALWAYS look best on top and the less "busy" you are the more the photography will focus on your faces as opposed to your clothing.

2.  FUN colors are always awesome.  Picking colors in the same "color scheme" works well and so does picking total opposite colors.  Really it just depends on what looks best on you.  ALWAYS pick a color that you shine in and feel good about.

3.  I am always more than happy to discuss wardrobe with you so please let me know if you need some assistance.

I am a package deal.  I have spent MANY hours learning the art of photography and each and every time I am behind the lens of a camera I learn and try new things.  I have a heart to help and bless others and that shows in the care and love of each image I will capture for you.  

You can expect that I will NOT "up sell" you and charge a fortune for prints, digital images, or anything else you might want.  I am very creative and think "out of the box" allllllll the time.  If there is something creative you want to do with your images please let me know.  I LOVE graphic design as well and have created some very unique pieces of art from my clients photography sessions.

It's important to know that I will NEVER give you "average quality" in the editing and processing.  I want you to be "over the moon" in LOVE with your imagery.  If for any reason you are not, then we will make sure to do whatever it takes to make sure you are!  I take great PRIDE in my processing, editing, and printing of the images and you can be assured that HOURS are always invested in your images to make them SHINE...every single one of them.....and for every single client....always!

With that said, I hope this will give you the trust that I am the right choice for you and I would be honored if you would choose ME to capture the memories that matter the most to you and your family.

For those of you that took the time to read this, thank you!  As my way of saying THANK YOU please leave a comment I will graciously give you a $25.00 print credit to spend on your next photo session with me! (Expires Sept 30, 2012)

"There are no rules for good photographs, there are only good photographs"  ~Ansel Adams




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