Moving, and starting over from square one...well, maybe two ;)

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I think part of the beauty of a blog is the opportunity for me to share with you different aspects of the business and about me.  Today I feel very compelled to just say it like it is....'s not just moving with the military like we normally do and have done for many years, but it's moving a business.  Moving a business that was thriving and full of fun, opportunity, and great customers and a loyal clientele.  It's about working SO very hard from the beginning to "put myself out there" knowing that once I got things rolling it would just build from there and keep on going...and going....I remember the DAY the packers were at our house and I was on the computer working, setting up my last photo shoots and processing and ordering images for clients to wrap things up.  That is who I am -working and not stopping until the job is done and everyone is 210% satisfied with their experience at Dwelling Moments Photography.  The moment my husband looked at me and said "we're leaving tomorrow, you have to quit working"..that was when I knew I was in my "zone!" ;)

Now let's fast forward to moving-it's stressful-let's just face it when you have a middle school and elementary child they don't take relocating in the most positive way.  Sooooo there is the finding new friends, getting them settled for school, making sure my hubby is set for work, finding a church, finding a hairdresser, doctors, etc....annnnnnd that list goes on and on and on.  In the midst of that the energizer bunny just wants to keep chugging away and pick up where she left off in D.C. loving her business and loving how it was expanding and how I had to turn people away because my books were full.  That is a GREAT place to be in a business and I am getting antsy to be there again.

A new market is full of new responsibilities.  It's not like I can just say Dwelling Moments is here without doing some market research on pricing, competition, and what people offer.  Now y'all know I am not competitive, but I surely do not want to be portrayed as the $50 photographer that gives away a whole CD of images.  I am not saying that is bad, that is just not the wall quality imagery I am striving to give my clients.  There are TONS and I mean TONS of photographers here-some are just the ones that just take friends and family pictures, some have a website and business cards, and then some are full fledged in for the long haul doing things by the books and making sure they have covered all legal aspects of "being in business."  I am not here to judge nor is that what this is about, but it's hard to find your niche.  It's hard to find your place in a new area.  It's hard to find your market.  For someone who has based a business on word of mouth and referrals and doesn't know anyone it's kind of hard to do that at this point.  

Sometimes I think we try too hard, we are hard on ourselves, and we just don't give ourselves time to breathe because we think we have to have it now and what in the world are we waiting for?  I am here to say that sometimes no matter how hard you try things just don't align as you wish.  That's the point where to have to step back and rework your plan and figure out what you are doing that is working and what you are doing that is not working.  This does not just apply to photography, it applies to life and decisions.

I am writing this to encourage you-to let you know that if you're at a point where you're starting over or having to rework a grand plan you had, it's OK.  Life is not about a perfect plan, it's about having passion to follow a direction.  With the right timing and desire over time you will see results.  I think back to the full solid 6 months I marketed and thought I would NEVER have a solid clientele.  It just took time, patience and saying I AM NOT GIVING UP!  Just this week I was sent an email inquiry from someone I met 2 years ago-now that is a perfect example of how giving that one business card paid off...well, other then the fact that I am not there now, but you get the point.  Just keep swimming, just keep swimming....

This might be written for you, it might be written for someone you know, but I hope that this gives you the encouragement to not let your surroundings dictate your goals and dreams.  Yes, at the moment I am not living out what I want to be doing in my business, but I am living out having a wonderful transition with my family, decorating and organizing a house we have worked very hard at calling home, and getting our kids settled into school.  I'm not getting paid for that in dollars and cents, but I know that in the long run down the road when our kids are older they will look back and remember the time I spent with them getting settled in our new home and new school.  I think when you "house" is in order you can focus on other things.  I think after this crazy summer our "house" is in order and I am ready to hit the ground running!  How about you, are you ready to move forward and achieve what is in your heart and on your mind?



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