Dwelling Moments Photography | WHAT TO EXPECT

{Before, During, and After The Photo Shoot}

Thank you for entrusting me to capture your moments!  I am so excited to work with you and my goal from start to finish is for this to be a FUN, stress free, and wonderful experience.  I want to briefly outline what you can expect before, during, and after the shoot. 

Let’s get started:

LOCATION:  The first thing we need to do is decide on the location.  I have some ideas that are my “favorite spots”, but I am always open to your suggestions.  Please note that if you desire a location that I am not familiar with I will scout it out first and let you know if it is going to work for your needs.

WHAT TO WEAR: …Oh my, this is the most stressed and asked about part of the session.  Let’s break this down to ease your mind.  Simply put just WEAR WHAT YOU FEEL AMAZING IN!  Bottom line is you could spend hours agonizing over your outfit and that is just not necessary! Decide what “look” you are going for, think about the location we are going to, and what the purpose is of your images.  Do you want a formal look, a fun, classy, modern, etc…that will have a lot to do with your clothing selection.

·       Solids look best, try to keep the patterns and business to a minimum as they distract from the focal point which is YOU! J

·       Your shoes WILL show so be mindful of what is on your feet ;)

·       Start with the females in the group for style and color and then compliment the males to your selections.

·        To bring unity to the group I always suggest sticking to a color theme-not necessarily the same color, but the same tones.  

(for example if you want to wear bright colors don’t mix in a light color and the same goes for soft muted colors, don’t mix in a bold color)

THE SESSION:  A photo shoot is approx. 45 minutes.  I will always shoot until I feel we have completed the session, but I do try to stick to the session time, but rest assured my goal is to deliver you amazing images and I will always do what it takes to complete our session.  I welcome ideas at the shoot and will do my best to incorporate your ideas and style.

AFTER THE PHOTO SHOOT:  The process to finalize your images can take anywhere from 1-2 weeks.  In the meantime, I love to offer a few images from the session as “sneak peeks” within 72 hours following our time together.  To access the images simply “LIKE Dwelling Moments Photography on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/dwellingmomentsphotography  You are welcome to tag yourself in the images and share them please remember that it is against copyright laws to crop, alter, or remove the watermark from the images. 

IN PERSON VIEWING:  This is the final step in our journey together.  I will contact you via email or phone to set up a “viewing” time.  This appointment is approx. 30 min to 1 hour and this is where you will get to see on a beautiful large 27-inch screen your photos from the session.  There will be approx. 25-30 images to choose from.  At this time you are welcome to pick out your 3 digital images that are included in the session as well as order any additional prints or digital images you would like.  At this time you will be given the Image Print Release and the password to download your 3 digital images and any additional digital images you choose to purchase.

ON-LINE GALLERY:  For 2 weeks after your “in person viewing” you will have access to your own gallery with all the processed images.  You are welcome to share these images with family and friends and we can place any additional orders via the phone or email.  If there are other people that want to order your photos there is an option to have them shipped out of state with no problem.